About Me


Hi! I’m Heather

And I am the owner and main photographer behind Triple Nickel Photography. I am a caffeine addicted, horse obsessed wife and mother who always has a camera in her hand. This is me with my steed, Playboy (or Buboy as we call him). I have 4 horses total that own me: Buboy, Harlee (the first horse I ever owned), Rooster, and Special).

Photo by: Ronnie Hester Photography

Photo by: Ronnie Hester Photography

Going into equine photography was a no-brainer for me. I love horses. I love horse people. It just seemed right. I love spending weekends on the road, in dusty, damp arenas capturing show memories. I myself have a stack of show photos from when I was barrel racing, so I know how important it is to have photos to look back on. After all, we only get a short amount of time with our equine partners before they’re gone.


I understand your horse obsession because I am just as obsessed with my horses. I know what it’s like to hand walk a colicky horse for hours and hours. I know what it’s like to ride in the dark because there just isn’t enough light left by the time you get home. I know the thrill of a personal victory and the agony of another disappointment. I have been there, I have lived it, and I want to learn about your story and help you share the unique relationship you have with your equine partner with the world.